We pledge to make sure that we live in a world where Bees are Healthy.

Because of all they do for us, we strive towards making a positive impact on the future of the world through the benefit of bee health. Yes, bees give us delicious honey, but more importantly, they sustain our ecosystems and our economy. Without them, we wouldn't have what we need to live healthy, happy lives. Let’s have look at what bees mean to humanity:


To help our favourite foods grow, cross pollination is required between the male part of the flower to the female part. This is where our little fuzzy friends come in. Bees are the most effective pollinators amongst others (other insects, birds, lizards etc.). Bees in search of nectar, leave pollen behind which helps the plant grow and produce food. It is an interesting fact that bees pollinate over a billion plants every year which means that one out of every three bites we eat is because of bees.

Types of Bees

There are over 20000 different types of bees known globally. Each type of bee plays a unique role in pollination of different types of plants that requires specific pollination. Thus, every bee makes a difference.


As the main pollinators in the ecosystem, bees play a part in its every aspect. The growth of different types of trees, flowers, and various types of plants, that serve as food and shelter for creatures across the globe, both large and small. This contribution to our complex interconnected ecosystems allows a vast number of different species to co-exist. Thus, there is no doubting that not only are bees important for our food supply, but are also far more important for the environment.


Bees play a very important role in the life cycle of plants. Without the pollination work that bees do, most plants would not be able to reproduce and die out eventually leading to plant extinction. This would have an overall impact on all living creatures on the planet and thus emphasises on the importance of bees to the environment.

Alternate Products

A lot of products are made from the by products of the honeycomb, such as beeswax that are used to make further products such as furniture wax, beauty products, lip balm, chewing gum, and the waxy coating on rounds of cheese and candles.


And last but not least, Honey! Without honey, our business would not exist. Honey is the sweet nectar that bees are most well known for and for this reason we are grateful to them.