Let it stay ORGANIC.

Honey crystallization is a spontaneous process. Raw, unheated honey has a tendency to crystallize over a period of time without affecting its purity other than texture and colour.

The natural crystallization process actually preserves the purity, taste and quality of your honey. Most people prefer honey in this form as its easy to spread over breads or toasts. Facts state that raw, unprocessed honey is loaded with nutrients and has a richer taste.


We save the good stuff for you.

Many companies process their honey that filters down its taste, quality and benefits. We only encourage straining which is very different from filtering. Straining helps remove big chunks of pollen and beeswax which are naturally present in raw honey extracted directly from the hives. This is the only process that's carried out to produce raw honey without hampering its purity.

purity certified:

Only the BEST gets the golden label.

Bees are only responsible for making honey but we are responsible for making sure it’s right for you. Every bottle of organic honey that leaves our dock is tested for a clean reading on antibiotics, pesticides and other chemicals, only the bottles that pass all tests reach shelves near you. No additives like corn or rice syrup are added to our bottles to help maintain our standards. When it comes to Dadev honey you can blindly trust our quality!